Friday, June 26, 2009

Stamping Anyone?

I try to set aside one day a week for my favorite hobby, Scrapbooking. How much I get done depends largely on my children and how independent of me they feel on that day. This last Wednesday, Isha woke up in a fabulous mood. The morning continued in this way as Andan and Isha settled into their day. Perfect scrapbooking day! Those of you who know Isha know that he is relatively small in stature for his age. He is just under 18 months and just barely over 20 lbs. I like to work at my dining room table where little hands cannot reach and I can see and hear what is going on through out the house. Imagine my shock to turn from my work for a second and turn back to find a surprise attack ON MY TABLE! Isha!! Little pint sized Isha standing on my table. I quickly lifted him down with a firm admonishment to stay off the table. Isha was quicker. Without me noticing, he had grabbed my Tim Holtz Walnut Stain Distress Ink pad. Well, I noticed about a minute later after he inked his shirt and his hands! Luckily the ink pad survived and after a perfect little inked hand print and a couple of soap washings so did Isha. I can't say the same for the shirt!