Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yes, It's Been a While

To be honest with you, I was ready to just leave this blogging world. I "thought" I was done...until my husband "hacked" my blog. He told me he was hacking it. I didn't even look at it for a couple of days...but when I did, I thought, "this doesn't even sound like me." He kinda egged me on a little! LOL

So here I am again. I actually had to read a few posts back to remember where I was in my life. I see I left some loose ends. So read on, I'm sure I will tie them all up.

We have been through some major changes since last spring and on through the summer. The biggest and most important change has been with my husband, Roque. It's been a challenge as well as a blessing to watch him allow God to grab a hold of him and transform his life. It seems that just when Roque was ready to surrender to God's will for his life, God puts a new dream in it! Roque and I have started an online business. It has been a slow go, but we are committed to stay the course. Both Roque and I are involved in our church. Roque teaches a couple Saturdays a month at a Men's Bible study breakfast. He has also started teaching the middle school youth during Wednesday night service. I volunteer as the children's ministry director.

Another change for us is that we went from a family size of 7 to 5, over the summer. Both Jared and Justin went to live with their mom this summer. This has been a bit of an adjustment. Especially for Roque (His babies have left the nest) and for the siblings left behind.

Cody is still struggling in school. The only difference now is that he has the (in school) support to succeed if he is willing to. Cody did get an IEP and he now has access to extra tutors during classes as well as a period in which to get even more support to complete homework that is due in his classes. While we did not get the school to recognize NLD as a specified learning disorder, the school psycologist did recognize that all of his test scores lined up with that diagnoses. That was good enough for me and it is getting him some help in the school setting. There is some small improvements at home as well, though it can get pretty rocky still. We try to keep it as real as we can and still hold him accountable for his actions. The greatest change that I have seen is that he is truly seeking God right now for direction. Day by day!!

Andan and Elijah both started school today. Yes, we are still homeschooling. Last year was awesome and I am looking forward to this year as well. Elijah will start on a modified preschool curriculum. He still has a full 2 years before he can start kindergarten. So we are not an any type of hurry. We'll take it at his pace. Andan had a very successful year and got straight A's in first grade. He is a little anxious this year over cursive writing, but is excited none the less. Second grade, here we come.

I have also have made some changes this year. The biggest being my health. I have never been very successful at dieting. Sure, I'll loose a few pounds. But more likely than not, they seem to find me and bring extras with them. When Roque and I started our business, I had the opportunity to take a DNA test through Inherent health. I found out that I am predisposed to diabetes. It struck a cord with me. My husband is diabetic and my Grandma passed away last year from numerous health issues stemming from diabetes. This isn't a road I am willing to walk down. I will fight it. I started on a Carb reducer weight management plan through my business. With a combination of supplements and learning about portions and healthy eating, I begin to lose weight. That was in April. I started to educate myself more on health issues, vitamins, supplementation and healthy eating! I've learned a lot! Watching documentaries like Food Matters, I've learned more than I ever knew that there was to learn. It has changed my view of food (Which is a topic for a different post!) My kids are eating better than ever. Even Roque is getting on board and being very supportive. I have lost a total of 47 lbs. My goal was to lose 80 lbs. That would be the high end of the healthy weigh range. But this IS a lifestyle change, it is no longer a "diet".
Well , THAT'S my story ;-)

Disclaimer on Sept 3rd post!

If you know me at all, you know that I did not write the post on September 3rd. I guest my wonderful hubby thought it had been too long since my last post....so that was a special, once only, guest appearance from the one and only Roque Camacho Jr.

Now back to the regular scheduled program.