Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The End Is Really Just the Beginning

I wanted to give an update on my healthy journey that I started back in April 2011. That was 10 months ago! It has been a great journey with twists and turns along the way. I have learned a LOT! But the learning never stops so neither does the journey.
In April I weighed over 230 lbs. I suffered from allergies, asthma, snoring, aches and pains and other annoying issues. It wasn't just me that was suffering. My husband had been diagnosed with diabetes 2 years prior. It was time to make some changes! My goal was to lose 80 lbs.
We did make changes, big changes! We went from eating a typical western diet, to finishing all the meat in our large freezer, to eating a completely plant based diet. Also known as a vegan diet. I prefer the term plant based because many foods are vegan (oreo cookies), yet not all of them are good for you or your health.
The changes that were happening on the outside of my body were obvious. I was losing weight, my skin looked great. But the first big thing that I noticed was that my allergies disappeared! I no longer would wake up through out the night with a stuffy nose. My eyes no longer were itchy and watery through out the day. My snoring stopped. Then about 4 or 5 months into my journey I got the urge to start running! This is amazing because I HATED running. Plus it always triggered or made my asthma worse (if I was having an episode of asthma). But I couldn't resist my longing to run anymore. So I ran! I remember the first time being shocked that I didn't experience any wheezing during or after running. I have not had any breathing problems since. Actually, I've hardly even had a cold.
So how is this end really just the beginning? Well, I've lost 78 lbs. I've gone from a size 2x/22W to a size s/8! I have been waiting for those last two pounds to come off. But my body seems to think that it is right where it is supposed to be. After doing some research (I have a medium body frame) I found out that I am at a point of maintanence. Which means, I just need to maintain my current weight.
This is the point where most diets fail. You hit your mark and think, "I'm done". You stop the diet and the weight starts coming back. This why it is SO important to make lifestyle changes that you can stick with for a LIFETIME.
I have been thinking of those last two pounds for a couple of weeks now. I could cut a few of my (healthy) snacks out of my day or maybe try those shakes I hear so much about. But the truth is they are not reasonable changes that I can continue. So no, I am going to be happy and pleased with the journey! It's been great! It's been more than just physical. It's been a spiritual journey as well. I am SO thankful for God's presence in my life!
Besides, summer is around the corner. I always lose a couple pounds during the summer. :-)

Note: I wanted to also comment on my husband, Roque's progress. He is no longer taking medicines for his diabetes! He has lost over 60 lbs and continues to lose. He is now training for the Tough Mudder. May the Lord be with him, lol :-)