Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Is Ending

Lego Fisherman, Cousin, Andan and Isha

Yep, You all better watch out! Coming soon to a road near you.

A hatchling only a momma can love!

Isha didn't like this ride. It was to my benefit. I got the cuddles.

Grandma and Cousin

It IS really sad to see it go! This was my first summer to have off with my children. We did a lot of fun things. Swimming, trips to the bay, camping and other things that summers should be made of. Two of the kids are already in school and two start on Wednesday. Isha and I will be left to reminisce about our long summer past as we map out a new schedule for ourselves. My mom was a big part of our summer. It was great to spend time together and REALLY get to know each other as two adult women. We even went to an over night "staycation" put on by the Women's ministry group at our church. What a privilege to be able to experience these moments with my mom.

Our last and latest adventure was a day trip to Lego Land. It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect and the children were well behaved. Andan (the ever so active child) was reminded a couple of times what behavior was expected. All in all it was a great day.

Summer Is Ending

Andan snoozing?

Ha Ha. My mom could not convince me that I should ride this ride!

Look at the intensity in this gun mans face!

Bob and friends.

Isha LOVED the airplane ride.