Monday, December 6, 2010

Moving Forward...Slowly

Today we (Cody and I) had a SIT meeting at school with all of Cody's teachers, academic advisory and the school psychologist. We are all agreed that Cody needs to be tested. Though it was made clear to me that they can not test for NLD specifically. I already knew that. That diagnoses would have to come from the medical field.

Unfortunately, I have found out that insurance companies do not cover this kind of testing past age 6! Of coarse! Doesn't that make sense? Most children would not be tested for learning disabilities until after age six. The tests can range from $1200- $1800. I do have a call to his pediatrician, who is supposed to get a referal for Cody...but I am pretty sure he is going to find out what I already know.

I guess it is just a waiting game at this point. They will start the testing in January, after winter break. Then we will have a meeting to determine if he meets the criteria for special education services. This will be the tricky part!

Other than that things have been better at home between Cody and I. I feel like I am getting to know him all over again and I am seeing him in a different light. It is good.