Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Cards

I got to spend this morning creating cards!

I actually got more than a handful done. I love when I have a block of time to spend creating. No sketches this time.


Andan Taking a Peek

Daddy giving Isha A lift.

No, We don't have goats...but somebody does. We live in the city. So imagine our surprise to wake up one morning to the BAAAAAAAAAAAAing of goats among the morning traffic. Well, we continued to hear them through out the days, naaaaaaights and mornings. We figured maybe our neighbor was going green and hired them to eat their grass. I mean, we all are getting create these days, right? After one week, I was ready to take the little ones for a walk to find these billy goats that were interrupting our sleep and bringing some of the country to us. I finally talked my husband into taking a walk to the next street over, yesterday evening. We found out that the goats are directly behind us and our backyard. It was hard to discover why they are there. There doesn't seem to be any grass and they are in an enclosed (small) area. Well, the kids had fun peaking over the fence and the goats seemed to enjoyed our company. At least they were quiet for a few minutes!