Friday, July 10, 2009

On a Lighter Note

Whew, you did it!

Where you going?

Sitting so nice!

Thursday is story time at the library. They have two separate times. First is Toddler time. Isha clearly fits into this group and does really well. They are not required to sit down. They can listen to the story while moving around. They also add a lot of music and movement and a short free play time.
Then, after that is for the preschool age children. You have to sit. Usually I take a walk with Isha while Andan is enjoying his group. Yesterday, Isha kept running away from me and going to the door which leads to the story time. He'd tell me right as he pulled his little hand out of mine, "I run". I appreciated the warning as it gave me a jump start on the pursuit that was about to happen. As soon as he got to the glass door, he would knock LOUDLY.
After a repeat performance, I finally said to him, "Isha, you have to sit down if you go in there. You see Andan. He's SITTING." (Little whine) "Can you sit, Isha?" Isha vigorously nodded his head, yes. (yea right, I think) *sigh* (from me) "Ok, Let's try."
These photos are in the complete opposite order (don't know how to change that). These were taken with my cell phone. The one the bottom is the first one. He IS sitting. Very nicely, I might add, in front of his brother. The next photo up, notice him inching his way away from Andan.
Finally, much to my relief, the story is over and they do some music and movement. Whew.. I can breath again.