Friday, August 28, 2009


Ready for the big day!

Making friends. He's not a shy child anymore!

Oh No son, not you too!

Hanging his backpack.

Already looking studious!

Andan went off to Kindergarten this week. It's taken me a while to post about this momentous occasion because my feelings are so mixed. I heard someone say that after going through this transition with one child, the next child is easier. I have NOT found that to be true. I don't think it is so much the act of being in school (he's been in preschool for 2 yrs). It's something else. Tides are changing, my baby is growing up. I know that's what we want them to do. But MY baby is GROWING up. I think back on his last 5 and one half years and I am so thankful for this child. He loves so unconditionally. I pray the world will not change him, instead I pray he will change the world (or at least leave his mark on it).

Meanwhile, Isha and I are adjusting to having one less ball of endless energy in our presence. I know I need to enjoy every moment with him. All too soon I will be walking down the same road with him.