Monday, October 12, 2009

Achievements and Milestones

Isn't that the cutest baby tooth you've ever seen?
Andan lost his first tooth this morning. He sure was excited! He is anticipating a visit from the tooth fairy. He seems a little young to be loosing his teeth already. But he had another tooth pushing through behind it. I took him to the dentist last week. The dentist did say that his jaw is still very small and there is not enough room for his permanent teeth. I guess there is nothing to do about it for now but wait for his jaw to mature. Though none of this is of concern to Andan who is just excited to have a gap to show off.

Andan and his best bud (from preschool!!). Can you believe they
are in the same Kindergarten class (out of 4 classes!). They both got
an award.

Andan and his kindergarten teacher.
Last Friday was a very special day and a proud moment for us. Andan received an award for being a great helper and always being very polite. I am so proud of him! He really has a gentle spirit and a good heart. I hope that this is a characteristic that he will always have and the world will not taint him.