Friday, July 24, 2009

Water Fun

I am really enjoying my summer this year. This is my first summer that I am not working (since I was about 16). Now that I am a mom, I really appreciate being able to spend time doing fun activities with the kids. I have five but 3 of them seem way to cool to want to hang out with Mom (or dad for that matter). But the two little ones are both at an age where they are soaking it up.

We have been able to go to the zoo, Wild Animal Park, baseball game, story time (at the library), swimming, and camping (which was not too cool for the older ones!).

Yesterday we took the kids to the bay. This was Isha's first time to really get to enjoy the water. And he REALLY enjoyed the water. He was not too happy when I decided to take him out. His poor little hand didn't look too good and needed to dry out.