Friday, September 23, 2011

You Can Have Your Baby and Pizza Too

When I was pregnant with Elijah, I remember the OB GYN nurse telling me that one food that I must absolutely not eat was pizza. I never understood why, but she was pretty adamant about it.
Pizza does not have to be an un-healthy forbidden endeavor. Actually it can be quite wholesome AND yummy.

 Start with a homemade whole wheat crust. This is the Betty Crocker
pizza dough recipe. I used all whole wheat flour and coconut oil instead of
olive oil. Sprinkle pizza dough with a little garlic salt  after it is rolled and on the pan.
Bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. Then add your ingredients.

Add your tomato paste/sauce to the pizza.
Add your favorite ingredients. Most vegetables should be pre-
sauteed in water (and garlic if you like) until they are tender crisp.
This is a vegetarian/vegan pizza. I knew my hubby wanted cheese.
I wanted to try it without and do without the added fat.
Bake for another 10-15 minutes at 400 degrees. 
Well, I wanted to indulge in my vegan pizza without
worrying about all the carbs I was consuming. So I took my
Nutrilite Carb Blocker 2. This supplement uses fermented soy and
white kidney bean abstracts to block the absorption of both sugars
and starches without blocking vital minerals and nutrients. It will block
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Making Your Own Tomato Sauce

Making your own tomato sauces can be relatively simple and usually cheaper. The other benefit is that you control what goes in your sauce. For me that means no sugars or milk products. If you've never done this before, here's a simple series of steps to follow.
    1. Bring a pot of water to a boil.
    2. With a knife, cut a small x into the bottom of each tomato.
    3. Drop tomatoes into boiling water for 30 seconds.
    4. Remove from water (some then immediately put tomatoes in ice water, to stop the cooking process. I skip this step because I will be cooking the tomatoes anyway).
    5. From the x peel the tomatoes completely.
    6. Cut tomatoes in half and remove seeds and juice.
    7. Blend remaining tomato halves in blender until smooth liquid.
    8. Cook in large sauce pan adding your favorite ingredients. Boil covered for 5 minutes. Then lower 
        heat and simmer-boil for about 30 minutes.

 My sauce with lightly sauteed garlic, salt and Italian seasonings.

 Boil-simmering out some of the liquid

 Making a thicker paste is easy. Use a coffee filter and drain extra liquid.

This tomato paste will be perfect on tonight's pizza!