Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Creating Cards

I've been blog hoping the last couple of days. I love looking at every one's paper creations. But I have been feeling especially drawn to cards and stamping. I can feel something in me that is just dying to jump into this craft, head first. Even my Sassy Blinging Babe friends over at seem to have already been bitten. They are creating some beautiful cards and other paper creations.
The thing that is holding me back is...well...a couple of things. First, is Cody. I feel like I need to get his First Year album done before I start anything. Second, the space. I don't have a work area that I can start something, walk away mid project, and come back to finish later. That is why I currently set aside one day a week for scrapping. I haul all my supplies, paper and photos out to put it all away when I'm done.
About 18-19 years ago (when I was about18-19 yrs old) my grandma bought me tons of ink pads, stamps, embossing powders, heat gun, papers and other tools of the trade. I did get into making cards. But I was young and life was pulling me in different directions. Now I could kick myself! I gave all of it away about 3 yrs after the purchase. So...Yep...then there's that!

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Candace said...

Oh wow, what a loss! Julie, cards are so fun. You know how sometimes I layer my paper in a layout? Well I never layer the whole sheet. I always cut out the center of it. Then I use the scraps to make cards! To me, the paper is just too pretty for it not to be seen and if there's a photo covering it up then no one is seeing it. I never throw away scraps and I keep them filed in a box by color. When I get ready to make a card, I just pull from my scrap box. I very seldom make cards from cutting up a whole sheet of paper. Call me frugal. LOL. It's a good idea to make a layout then make a card right away from the scraps. Hope this helps! Cards are easy and fun! And the best part is, you don't need to have any pics printed out to make them.