Monday, August 17, 2009

"New" Crayons

Isha loves to color with markers. He likes coloring on paper and all over himself. The thing is, I'm, um, tired of my 19 month old looking like the tinted version of a rainbow. Most of it washes off with a simple washcloth wipe down. But the rest has to wait for the bath to completely come off. The thing is markers effortlessly make their mark on what ever it is applied to. Plus, they are easy to hold. I have been gradually trying to switch him over to crayons, but they take more work to get them to leave a mark and they are not as easy for little hands to hold. Thus they do not have any appeal. I was about to purchase some chunky crayons when I remember how we (teachers) used to recycle old and broken crayons.

Andan donated his old broken crayons.*
Peal the paper off of them all.

Put them in a cupcake paper, in a cupcake tin.
Bake at 300 degrees F. until completely melted.

Let cool completely in the tin until rehardened.

Take out of tin and cupcake paper. Color.

*Andan was compensated for his donation. He recieved a brand new box of crayons (though he's decided he'd prefer to have the "rainbow" ones instead.).


Candace said...

LOL @ Andan wanting the made-over crayons! Those look so fun!

ellie said...

Oh, I had forgotten all about this fun activity!! Julie, this brought back so many good memories for me. I loved doing this when my boys were small!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Good luck with the little one's passion for color! LOL! I had totally forgotten about melting broken crayons...certainly brings back memories.

Sonia said...

Julie thanks for sharing this.