Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why? What You Want and Are Pirates Extinct?


Isha. Look at his hands. This is what he does
when asking, "Why?"

If you are a parent, you have no doubt been through that stage where your child asks "why?".
Isha is at that stage right now. He has a "why" for everything!!!

"Don't throw your milk!" (me)
"Why?" (Isha)

"Momma's going to take your picture!" (me)
"Why?" (Isha)

But I almost fell over the other morning when his daddy called him to get his shoes on and Isha said, "What you want?"

Andan, being five, has more complex and thought provoking questions, like:
"Are pirates extinct?"
No Andan. Sadly, they aren't.

And a conversation Andan and I had a while back:
"Mom, why do old people die?"
"Well...to make room for the new babies (Oh gosh, couldn't I have come up with something better...like the truth!)." I said.
"Is the earth crowded?"
" Yes, it seems to be getting that way (I'm digging my own hole here)." I said.
" Why don't we just move all the old people to Mars? Nobody is living there!"
Good answer son!


Rebekah Williams said...

Let me just say I LOVE his "why" hands! How do you keep from just smooching so sweet cheeks all day long?!

Peggy said...

haha, I love those conversations, I see some fun LO's in the making!
xxx Peggy

Roque.Boy said...

What handsome boys!!!!!

Roque Camacho Jr. said...

Babe, time sure passes by quickly! I dawn and loook through the times that past I know that I must continue to fight the good fight. Regardless of the challenges we face. I love you!!!!