Saturday, September 3, 2011

We'll it has been awhile since I last posted. Allot of changes since my last post. Are children continue to grow with many adventure's in life. Elijah is now three going on five. He is quite a character. With him there is no such thing as a "terrible three," but a curious three old who thinks he is five.

Andan is now seven and moving on to the second grade being home schooled. Baseball this year for him was a challenge, because it was his first year playing in CAPS! In the midst of all his challenges Andan made it through. He and his team ended the season with 26 wins and 3 losses. They did a fabulous job winning third place during the championship round. Go Lemon Grove Padres!

Cody is now fifteen and has moved on to the tenth grade at Helix Charter School. Cody played a little basketball with the varsity team and did great after being away from the sport for awhile. He went camping to Chico State for a week and had a blast. He tried looking for a job but is not of age yet to start working. November here we come!!!!!

Justin is now seventeen and a senior at Horizon Christian Academy. He is much more involved with the church youth group. He and a few other kids led worship and the kid can sing. We encourage him to join the Worship Team.

Jared is now eighteen and is now attending Devry University. He is majoring in Business Technology. He has learned to play the Eukele on his own and even led worship. We wanted him to play the guitar but the extra string may have been a bit much. LOL

I no longer work. Yeah!!!!! I still home school Andan and Elijah and just about ready to start the new year already. I now volunteer as a Children's Director at City Heights Assembly Church. I have lost over 45 pounds and feeling great. So many changes so far this year........

Roque and I started a business late March of this year and in about five years, dream to be financially independent and debt free. Visit our website at

Roque still works for SDG&E and is trying to move up.......finally! LOL I love him so much and must say that he has been a changed man. Well that is it for now until next time. I will post pictures when I get the chance. God Blesss!!!!!

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