Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sweet Moments

Can you believe that I experienced my sweet moment today at the Padre (baseball) game? Well, I did!
There were not too many people at the game today. Thank goodness because 1) it was hot. And 2) we were on the absolute top (of the top) last row. So I kept scooting down a row to stay in the shade. Usually Roque and Isha ended up directly behind Andan and I.
As we were sitting like this I felt these little tender arms wrap around my neck and embrace me in an unsolicited spontaneous hug. Tears came to my eyes as I eagerly excepted this gift from my 18 month old son, as I know that in another few years I will have to ask for affection and all too soon it may be an embarrassment to him to show such affection to his old lady, mom. I will store this memory in my heart as it is probably the only place it will survive through the tumultuous teen years. Lucky for me, Roque caught on camera what I caught in my heart!


Peggy said...

Julie, both the pictures and your words are beautiful. Make a LO out of this, using those exact words for your journaling, you hear!!! LOL. Of course I'm just kidding, I wouldn't dare telling you what to do, but think about it Julie, it would make one gorgeous LO!
xxx Peggy

Sarah said...

Oh they are the most beautiful and precious photos. Isha is such a sweety!! And look at his little bandaged hand, hope it's healing well. Ha haha, I just spotted his photos of stacked toilet paper!! Ha ha what a cutie!!

Candace said...

Awww! So sweet!