Monday, August 3, 2009

Card Creating Monday

My sweet hubby, Roque, kept asking me today (through brief phone conversations) if I am having a good day. Yes, Yes and YES! I had an awesome day of creating! Even though the cards I created are quite simple, they are still fun and therapeutic to do.

I really wanted to create a card for a friend's upcoming wedding. I have very limited supplies (I have barely started making cards) as was wondering how I was going to accomplish this. This morning, Kristina Werner had her Monday card tutorial on her blog. It was the perfect inspiration for me. My card is definitely not as elegant as hers (check it out). Yet it gave me the idea that I needed. I was able to use the supplies that I had~and I think it turned out pretty well. So well, I actually made 4 cards total in two different colors.


Scrappycath said...

Julie - I so love the way your hearts are intertwined.... and of course the little bit of bling is just perfect!

Sonia said...

Love it!!!... Fabulous Cards!!!