Friday, September 16, 2011

Is There a Name For Me???

As you know, I've been really changing my lifestyle in the last 5 months. I no longer "live to eat". Instead I have been educating myself and learning how to "eat to live". What a journey it has been!

I have gone from a full on omnivore (more meat and carbs than plants) to a semi-vegetarian/ wanna-be-veagan. Hence the question. What should I call myself? I'm in transition...and for many reasons.

*I have a family of six (our oldest moved home yesterday). It would be nice to make this switch without hearing the groans of agony as they dig their heels in. So we move slowly.

*The freezer is still full of meat. Yes, it is just chicken, turkey and fish but lets be real, in these hard economic times, food is food and it needs to be eaten (oh well that we may be killing cells, clogging arteries and raising blood sugars).

And just a little disclaimer: I AM NOT AN ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST

I mean to say, I believe that God gave us dominion over the animals. But I still shed a tear over the death of my favorite childhood pet, Max. That was over 20 years ago!

This is purely a health decision.

So my blog is switching directions. I wanted to blog about this journey that I am embarking on. The adventures and misadventures of going from a meat eating family to going in the complete opposite direction. Will we make it? I hope so!

So come along on the journey!

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Roque Camacho Jr. said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Thanks for allowing me to join you to live longer and healthier!!! You're the greatest!!!